Addressing your hearing concerns is an important life decision. Whether you are just beginning to notice a change in your hearing or have been told you would benefit from wearing hearing aids, there is a lot to consider moving forward. The choice you make will depend on not only your level of hearing loss but the lifestyle you live, the functionality you need, and comfort you desire.

Fortunately, your local hearing professional is equipped with the knowledge and know-how to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to your hearing health and choosing the right hearing aid device for you.

Schedule a Comprehensive Hearing Test

Scheduling a hearing test is a smart and forward-thinking decision if you suspect you are experiencing hearing loss. It means you are being proactive about your hearing health and working alongside a professional Audiologist is the number one way to achieve your best possible hearing.

It is during this time that your ears will be visually inspected for any possible irregularities, injuries that may be interfering with your ability to hear properly or impact the results of your hearing test. After which your hearing may be tested in a number of ways including a tone, speech, or pressure test. When your hearing test is completed, your Audiologist will review and discuss with you their recommended next steps which may include further evaluation or the utilization of a hearing aid device.

Hearing Aid Consultation & Fitting

After your hearing test, to help identify which hearing aids will perform most effectively, you and your hearing care professional will work closely and thoughtfully to ensure the best possible outcome. This will consist of an in-depth hearing consultation that will cover the following key considerations:


Discuss with your Audiologist the type of life you live and how your hearing has affected your day to day activities. It is important to understand what situations or scenarios your new hearing aids will need to address. This would include traveling, live entertainment, giving or attending presentations, driving, or social functions.

Communication Difficulties

Not all hearing loss is the same and not all hearing aids perform exactly alike. It is important to identify the specific situations and environments in which your difficulty hearing is affecting your life. When your Audiologist understands what hearing situations are bothering you the most and if there are certain sounds or voices you are having trouble hearing, the better they will be able to recommend the right hearing aid technology for you.

Personal Wants/Needs

Today there are many different hearing aid styles and features to choose from. Furthermore, your personal comfort with your new hearing aids is as important as the hearing problems they address, after all, you’ll be the one wearing them. What you would like your hearing aids to do and how they should look is important.

Some considerations to think about:

  • Would you rather that your hearing aids be nearly invisible?
  • How about having the ability to control volume using your smartphone?
  • Would you be interested in wireless accessories or be able to easily recharge or replace your batteries?

These and many other options and preferences are ones that your hearing care professional will be able to address to ensure your complete satisfaction. You don’t have to navigate this complicated process alone.

Professionally Recommended Hearing Aids

Hearing aids work exceptionally well when fitted, adjusted, and specifically selected by an experienced Audiologist. Comfort and functionality are of the utmost importance and should not be left up to chance or trial and error. Remember that no two people or their hearing needs are the same, but there is indeed a hearing aid designed to address every need and the best are the ones that work for you. Call or contact your local hearing care center today and together you can address your health as a team.