Best Audiologist Ever!!!

“Lived in VA for 17 years and found Amy Goodwine is the most fabulous audiologist I ever experienced compared others in VA. She asks questions to get know about your daily preferences. She will find 1-3 options that will work for you. This something that I like- to have options than limited. Also the prices are very reasonable! I highly recommend seeing her!”
Sofia Siliezar
Annandale, VA

Truly Wonderful

“Recently we were serviced by Dr Amy Goodwine.. She was truly wonderful in every daughter was having a problem with her hearing aid and it was a very frustrating situation for both of us.. Dr Goodwine was very patient and caring and showed a real interest in Brenda and her problem.. She corrected the problem .. She made the adjustments to her aid and now that Brenda can hear once again we are all very happy.. We can not thank her enough for her kindness and courtesy that she extended to our family.”
Hazel Scott
Dumfries, VA

A great experience – I recommend Ascent to anyone

“I visited Ascent because of an ad I saw in the local newspaper for an new high technology hearing aid. I did not have a hearing aid at that point but knew that I probably needed one. The receptionist was friendly and efficient. Dr Goodwine gave me a thorough hearing exam, which indicated that I did need hearing aids. I also saw a factory representative at my first visit, who demonstrated the Starkey hearing aid and showed me how much my hearing could be improved. The wireless technology is truly amazing! The price, while high, was competitive with other brands, and they have 1 year interest free financing (although it requires you to open a credit card account). I was impressed with how much my hearing improved with the hearing aids. Dr. Goodwine has provided excellent follow-up care, adjusting my hearing aids as needed during my first 6 months. All in all, my experience with Ascent has been very positive, and I recommend them to anyone.”
Scott Gillespie
Gainesville, VA


“I was diagnosed with a hearing loss in 1996 and had those old analog hearing aids for years. My dad gave me his old over the ear hearing aids. After a while neither worked and I gave up on hearing aids. Then my husband got tired of hearing me say “what” all the time and gave me an ad for Dr.Goodwine. She was amazing! She was so kind and wonderful to me. She showed me all the brand new advances in hearing aid technology. I was totally impressed with her knowledge and expertise. She fitted me with new hearing aids using her computer software that streamed to my hearing aids. WOW, this was really cool. Then she arranged for me to get a machine that streams my TV to my hearing aids. Way cool! I also like the way the hearing aids talk to each other to balance haring. Dr. Goodwine and Kelly are the best!”
Mary Beckwith
Dumfries, VA

Ascent Audiology in Dumfries, Virginia is 100 % customer oriented company. From the first appointment my senior family member had with Dr Amy Goodwine , which covered the hearing test; assessment; and hearing device selection, up through unprecedented lengthy insurance delays involving the Aetna advantage plan and Aetna medicaid for getting approval for reimbursement of the hearing aide , Dr Goodwine approved a loaner for an extended period time. During the inordinate amount of time needed to resolve the insurance delays, Benedict (the office manager) expended a lot of hours making and receiving calls and faxing materials to various insurance point of contacts required by the insurance companies. In the end, .Dr Goodwine and Benedict's patience, creativity, and problem solving ensured that their client had a working hearing device at all time. This commitment shows their devotion and sense of duty by providing the best care and service to the client and not focused or concerned with the financial impact experienced in this transaction. Thank you Dr Amy and Benedict. We will visit next time a hearing adjustment is needed.
Pam Jones, on Google
My husband had an appointment on 9/24/2020 with Dr Amy Goodwine for a hearing test. I really appreciated That she let me be with my husband while he was being examined. We both are absolutely impressed at the service we received from her and her staff. Dr Goodwine was extremely busy but Still took her time with us. She actually went above and beyond to ensure we were taking care of. She is so professional, very knowledgeable, and so friendly. If you need an Audiologist look no further she is the one to go too.
So Blessed, on Google
I had a wonderful experience with practice. I have a complex ear history and have worn hearing aids since I was a child. I had to find a local audiologist for an audiogram (kind of in an emergency situation). I poured over various reviews and chose Ascent Audiology. They responded to me promptly both by email and by phone and got me in within a very short window. Kelly in the front office is so friendly and welcoming. Not only that, but Dr. Amy spent *a long* time with me getting my ear history and asking questions about the various surgeries and complications I have had. Then, she offered some really good insights into what was going on with my ear/s. She did some fine-tuning of my hearing aid (no charge) and also took a hearing aid mold impression because my old one was getting small. This is a professional who cares deeply about her patients and finding out how best to help them. I highly, highly recommend this office! (From a patient who has had at least a dozen audiologists or more over my long/complex ear history!) She will be my go-to audiologist from now on.
Tony Main, on Google
I have been using this audiologist for over 5 years. The customer service is excellent....none better anywhere. The audiologist is very flexible and willing to help in any way and the front office staff, Kelly is exceptionally helpful. When their office moved to Dumfries about 5 years ago, I elected to stick with this audiologist instead of finding one closer to my house. It's a great establishment.
Michael Thornton, on Google

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